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Welcome to Fredvang and Lofoten

The Village Society was established in 1983. Gradually, several sub-committees were formed, like the street lighting committee, the boat association and Draugen. The latter is now discontinued. The Village Society also helped start the bakery in Fredvang.

Furthermore, we have worked on a number of other initiatives including safety fences, cattle grids, signposting and lowering speed limits. The idea of Lofoten Peat Museum also originates from the Village Society, but a dedicated museum board is now under preparation.

In 2007, we began with communal Mid Summer’s Eve celebrations near the museum. The Village Society sold coffee and sour cream porridge. We did this again the following year with a larger number of participants this time, and we hope that this will become a cherished tradition for the inhabitants of Fredvang and anyone else in Flakstad who would like to celebrate with us.

In recent years, commitment and turnout at Village Society meetings has declined, so any enthusiasts are more than welcome to our meetings and other events.




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